Genes can come in several different forms, commonly called variations, which are slight changes in the genetic code that are present in at least one percent of the population. These variations can lead to different processes in the body and can be found between different individuals and between different populations.

When the variation affects only one nucleotide, it is called a “single nucleotide polymorphism” (or SNP, pronounced “snip”). One genetic “letter” (A, T, C, or G) may be replaced by another, leading to a drastically different outcome, just as altering one letter in a word can completely change its meaning; for instance, from “g”oat to “c”oat.

When you order one of our kits, you will receive a sample collection kit in the post containing a consent form, 2 x mouth swabs and instructions. It only requires you to rub each swab on the inside of each of your cheeks to collect buccal cells to be returned to us in the post. This is a pain free, non-invasive procedure taking a matter of minutes to complete.

Depending on how many of our tests you wish to undertake, we can use you original DNA sample to provide any of our offered test.

Within 10 working days upon receipt of your sample at our laboratory, However, additional tests may increase you turnaround time.

All of our interpretations are are based on a wealth of knowledge, experience and backed by high impact published research papers, highlighting relevant effects on human health and recommending easily actioned lifestyle changes.

All information supplied by the person(s) to be tested shall be kept in the strictest confidence and only for as long as is necessary to adequately carry out the Test, report the results and comply with the requirements of accreditation. We abide by a strict data protection policy, adhering to the UK Data Protection Act, and we are GDPR compliant, so you can be confident that your data is secure. We only test for genes relevant to the test(s) requested, and destroy any remaining swabs after four week, extracted DNA after six months and all other data after one year, unless you request otherwise. Your results are stored under an anonymised ID to create your reports.

Anyone who wants to know more about their personal health and potential. Whether you want to optimise your performance, lose weight, or just be a little healthier, your DNA holds vital information on the best way to do that, for you.

In line with UK law, we will not test anyone under the age of 16, without the express consent from a person with legal parental responsibility such as the mother.


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