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Skin & Healthy Ageing

Genetic, diet and lifestyle factors affect changes to our skin as we age. Understanding your genes can help you make the most effective changes to achieve great looking skin and age well.

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We send you a tailored report based on your unique genetic variations, which includes lifestyle recommendations to best improve your skin.

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The appearance, elasticity and ageing of skin is influenced by genetic and environmental factors and the interactions between them.

By understanding your unique genetic makeup we can provide tailored recommendations for changes to your diet, lifestyle, physical activity and sun exposure which maximise your ability to improve your long term skin health, and even reduce the effects of ageing that have already appeared.

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DNA Testing made easy!


Our test kits contain a mouth swab to collect your DNA, which is then sent to us for analysis in our laboratory. We look at variations in genes which contribute to skin health such as skin structure and ageing, oxidative stress, vascular tone and water retention. We send you a tailored report based on your unique genetic variations, which includes lifestyle recommendations to best improve your skin.


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We will send you the self- sample kit through the post. Simply follow the information guide on how to take your own DNA mouth swab sample.


3. Return

Using the pre-paid envelope enclosed, send your completed testing kit back to our laboratory. We will then carry out the analysis.


4. Results

We will send your results the very next working day. Results can be provided by email or by post.


Skin Structure and Ageing

We look at genes associated with the generation and maintenance of skin structure including collagen and elastin.

Oxidative stress, detoxification and inflammation

We test for genes involved in protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, to make diet and lifestyle recommendations to optimise these processes and minimise damage to skin.

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

Sensitivity towards refined carbohydrates can affect a number of processes important for skin health, such as wrinkling, premature ageing, and vulnerability to oxidative stress.

Vascular Tone and Water Retention

Genetic testing can show your sensitivity to diet and environmental factors such as salt and tobacco smoke to maintain healthy blood pressure and vascular tone.


In just one square inch of skin there are approximately 30 million cells, 100 fat glands, 600 sweat glands, 65 hairs, numerous muscles and thousands of nerve endings.

As we age, our skin retains less water and fat which causes effects of ageing such as wrinkling and sagging.

Your skin needs a well balanced diet in order to stay healthy, including B vitamins, zinc and antioxidants.

Environmental factors such as smoking, sun exposure, stress and sleep can all affect the appearance of your skin.


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